Greetings world (a bit about me and what to expect from this blog)


Greetings people! This is CriticalCanine21. I should share at least a little bit about me before i go into detail about what to expect from this blog. I’m a college student studying vocal performance and I hope to become a voice actor/comedian/singer in the future. Since I was a kid, I had a passion for anything animated. I had a video closet filled with videos of Pokemon, Yugioh, Magic School Bus, and a whole lot of Disney movies. When it came to TV while I had my preferences, I watched mostly things like Spongebob,Fairly Odd Parents, Dragon Ball Z, Looney Tunes, Family Guy, and other things like that. I always loved how much you could do with animation and the fact that most voice actors didn’t look anything like their characters. I love acting and making people laugh but in plays, musicals, and operas, you were typically restricted by your body type and lets just say I wasn’t and am still not skinny. I’m about as thin as Garfield. But with cartoons, you would have people like women playing boys, old men played by 30 something year old men, and other odd casting decisions that would not work in live action. But in animation, you wouldn’t tell. You just saw the character.

As I grew older, I started seeing videos on Youtube of people reviewing things like movies and I even saw Vh1 air a list of the 50 most awesomely bad songs ever that helped me realize things. I learned that not only is animation more of an art form than I thought, but I also learned to look at things from a critical eye and to respect the fact that we all have have different preferences. I noticed there are not too many things online reviewing animated shows. The only things i found were and IMDb. Even Rotten Tomatoes only ever does animated films, but once I saw them review Bojack Horseman. While there are a handful of critics on Youtube, I thought I would give my 2 cents and review animated films and shows. I want to do this because animation is my passion and like I said animation is an art form. There are numerous things you can do with animation but can’t be done with live action. You can show a character’s dilemma in new ways, can do physical comedy in so many hilarious ways, and can create new worlds and characters that can’t be seen in live action. It touches us in different ways as well. So many comedians take their influences from things like Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, and other shows. We remember things like the romance between Belle and the beast, the deep and multi-layered characters in Avatar and Batman, or simply watching the Coyote try to catch the Road Runner in Looney Tunes. It can even teach us lessons that no matter when it was made are still timeless like how to treat people and its ok to be who you are. This also goes for adult shows like the Simpsons and South Park which can bring attention to issues we probably wouldn’t pay attention to and even teach us that anything can be made fun of as long as you do it right. Its something I have a passion for and would like to share with everyone. Keep in mind that since I’m in college, I will be trying to focus my efforts on school work but I will post when I can. See you in the next post. (By the way, for those curious about the username I pretty much based it off my new favorite smash bros character and I find the character funny in what an ass he is and the username is similar to my username on which is criticalcainine1 because I obviously couldn’t spellcheck beforehand)

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