The Adventures of Puss in Boots review


Hello folks,CriticalCanine21 here with a rather odd choice of a show to do for my 1st official review, but oh well.I will admit I liked the Shrek films as a kid especially Puss In Boots and its fitting that he got his own show. Who else would they give a show too, Gingy? This show is brought to you by Netflix who have been known lately for some great original shows like Daredevil and Bojack Horseman (review coming soon) as well as Dreamworks obviously who are known for turning this relatively unknown fairy tale character into a funny satire of Zorro which is fitting as in the movies, he was played by Antonio Banderas. I have noticed that most Dreamworks shows get kinda ignored by most people. For one reason or another, they are not as remembered as when Disney adapts their movies into shows which i think is kinda sad. While they aren’t as good as the movies they were based on, I think they do a pretty decent job with them. I’d even argue that Dreamworks does their movies to shows better than Disney and just like the other ones like Penguins Of Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda, this one works pretty decently.

The story is about the title character (played by Eric Bauza) who after saving a female cat (played by Jayma Mays) from thieves, arrives in the city of San Lorenzo and meets the colorful characters of the city including a cowardly mayor who hides in barrels, a kooky wizard, and the orphans at the orphanage. But when he takes the city’s gold and accidentally breaks the spell that hid the city from the world, he vows to help defend the city from thieves until they find a way to fix the spell. As you would expect, its a simple premise that is more of an excuse for Puss In Boots to go on crazy adventures. The voice acting is pretty solid in the show and all the characters are decent but nothing fantastic. The stand out is Puss himself who is very well done. I tried to compare him to Banderas to see if they sound different but he manages to sound just like him and the character is just as fun and adventurous as in the movies. The other main character of note is Dulcinea played by Jayma Mays who is basically playing a better written version of her character from Glee but she is decent as the love interest. As I said The rest of the characters are just ok. They are likable enough and never get too annoying The animation is great as well.I was surprised as most shows based on movies look bad in comparison to their movies (Aladdin,Hercules,etc) but this one actually looks pretty good even though its not as good as the movies obviously.

One of the show’s big issues is that it can be too predictable. There is an episode where they lie to the cowardly mayor to make him think he is brave and I predicted everything that was going to happen. He acts brave, but goes too far, discovers it was a lie, and acts like a coward until he stops the villains. There is another one where Puss discovers this golem who has been chasing him for years is coming and Dulcinea finds out he is nice but Puss doesn’t believe it but later he likes him until something goes wrong and they have to fix it. These episodes are the worst but at the same time, there are only a couple and even so they’re not that bad. This is a show more meant for kids than for adults though. Even though its only 1 season so far, I can’t see this being like Parks and Recreation where it becomes great the next season. Its not like Batman where it has dark and gritty characters and story lines or Animaniacs where it is full of adult jokes and innuendos but still is still funny for kids and adults. Its a basic action comedy show that may not be as funny as the movies but is still a decent show with everything kids will like. Adults however probably won’t get too much out of it unless you really love the character. I’m glad I saw It but I probably won’t see it again.

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