Father of the pride review


Hey guys, Its Criticalcanine21 with a review of a long forgotten show. This show was created by Jeffrey Katzenburg who is the CEO of Dreamworks which is interesting to me that he would want to do an animated sitcom similar to The Simpsons. It just seems so out of place for them.The only Dreamworks animated film it is similar to is Bee Movie but even still that is only in the designs of the human characters. The show is about a group of animals who live in a zoo owned by Siegfried and Roy. (Interesting fact the real Siegfried and Roy thought this show was funny) When their star lion (Played by Carl Reiner) gets in an accident,his son in law (played by John Goodman) gets the role as the lead lion and from there there are 2 plots. One is the plots with Siegfried and Roy and the other is with Goodman’s family.

Right from the intro,you will learn all you need to know about the show. From Goodman’s terrible singing, The frustrated looks by his wife and father in law as he rushes to his job because he is almost late, he stops to get a beer from his friend, and finally arriving at the show, you will learn instantly the show is terrible. The fact they are lions and the other characters are animals doesn’t lead to much funny stuff at all. It just feels like a tired gimmick. If you take that out,the Goodman stories (which sadly are the biggest parts) are about a fat overweight father, his out of his league attractive wife,(as attractive as a lion can be I guess) their daughter who is a rebel,the son who is a geek who is not very social and gets picked on, and the father in law who hates his son in law. Does that sound familiar? Its basically a tired ripoff of Family Guy, The Simpsons and other family based sitcoms. Every story and character has been done before and better. There is a story where Goodman stops by his kids school for career day and is made fun of and lies that he know Donkey (played by Eddie Murphy) and can get him for their school. I have heard most of this story from a Family Guy episode and from the Fairly Odd Parents. There is another episode where Goodman forgets his wife’s anniversary and has to make up for it and again I saw this in American Dad. You can predict every joke, every plot turn, and every character motivation. The Siegfried and Roy parts are the funnier parts but even then they are still kinda predictable and stupid. Even the animation can look really off sometimes, especially on the people. The only part that was kinda funny was this scene where Seth Macfarlane (Family Guy,Ted,etc) plays a snail who tells bad jokes which is funny considering how his work is now. But aside from that, Its boring and frustrating to watch and lacks the cleverness of The Simpsons early stuff or the funny mean spirited humor and funny writing of the early Family Guy episodes. I suppose its not god awful. Its not trying to shock people by being offensive and gross like Brickleberry and some parts get a giggle at least. But I would argue that at least trying to kinda be more shocking would give it some kind of flavor. Honestly watching the show is like eating fast food when there is another restaurant across the street thats better,has the same thing and is the same price. You would probably want to go to the better one


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