Atlantis The Lost Empire Review


Hi guys,  its Criticalcanine21. Sorry about this review being late, but I promised this would be a good review. This came out after Pocahontas didn’t do great and Disney wanted to find a way to regain the Youth Crowd and their plan was with a more gritty Indiana Jones like action-adventure movie. In some ways its decent,but in others its awkward.

The best thing about the film is the animation. Its absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately, the film’s cons outweigh the good. Its about a man named Milo (played by Michael Jay Fox) who is a dork and believes in the lost city of Atlantis which no one believes him except for one man who helps him put a crew together to search for the city. Once there, They discover a people who have forgotten their own culture and hope Milo and help which in turn leads to the captain betraying him so he can wipe out the culture and make money off of their treasure.

The worst part about it is the villain. He is really just a jerk who wants money which you have seen from things like Avatar,Pocahontas,etc. If your looking for a lost civilization,you will be rich either way. He is cliched, not interesting, and just a bore. The other characters are ok. They have a couple funny moments but aren’t anything super memorable at least compared to other Disney films. The film feels weird to try to do an action movie where people die and there are explosions but the lines feel more like a traditional Disney story. I guess the action has fun moments but it just looks kinda odd to have big Star Wars like action with 2d Disney designs. I do like how the plot isn’t quite like films like Avatar and Pocahontas. This easily could have been another who is the savage story but it really isn’t. Its more about the adventure and the main character becoming more confident and tougher and all that stuff. It does get a little complicated but the culture of the people is interesting at least. Honestly, the film is awkwardly done trying to balance out the action with the Disney characters and story and I don’t think it all comes together that well. Its not awful, but its not anything great. I hear it has a cult following which I can see why but its not for me.

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