Corpse Bride Review


Hello, Criticalcanine21 here and I hope you all had a happy halloween. I knew I had to review something halloween related so here you go. This film is done by Tim Burton and you can clearly tell. From Danny Elfman songs to Johnny Depp and Helena Bottom Carter and even the look of the film clearly resemble Nightmare Before Christmas. While I don’t think it is as good as Nightmare Before Christmas, it is still entertaining.

The story is about a man played by Johnny Depp who is told by his parents that he is to be wed to another family so the other family will get more money. After meeting her, he finds out he likes her but he messes up the wedding vows. He practices his vows in the woods but accidentally marries a corpse bride played by Helena Bottom Carter. When he is taken to her world, he realizes the mistake he made and tries to fix things but if he doesn’t fix things soon, his living wife will marry a terrible man who wants her money without knowing of their financial situation.

The film is very gorgeous looking. Its one of Burton’s best films and its very cleaver that the victorian era is so grey and dark like Sweeney Todd while the world of the dead is so lively and bright. The story is also very reminiscent of a fairy tale (Burton Version) and its very simple just like Nightmare Before Christmas. The songs are fun and entertaining too. I guess some things look odd like the fact the story is so dark for a kids film and a couple images may look scary for kids but its slightly less scary than Nightmare Before Christmas. The big problem for me is the villain as well as Depp and his living wife. The other characters are funny and enjoyable but these ones are too bland and forgettable. Some of this can be attributed to the design of Depp’s character who has such big eyes but a small mouth and it kinda looks like his face has one expression and doesn’t change. Other than that, I think this is a very entertaining film. It has problems of course but its still a decent film with enough imagination and creativity to entertain kids and enough.

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