The Peanuts movie


Hey guys, its Criticalcanine21 here. A couple weeks ago I saw the film version of Jem and to keep it short, I hated it and with things like the upcoming Alvin and the chipmunks movies coming out I wouldn’t think that someone would do well at representing their original source material. When I first heard of this movie, I was worried. It was made in 3d by Blue Sky Studios whose films I haven’t ever really liked at all. I just didn’t think it was gonna be good. The trailers made it look actually good.

I can tell you that if films like Jem are a disease, films like this are the cure. It seems to really love the peanuts as much as we do and treats them with the same respect. The main story is about Charlie Brown falling for the new girl who is the little red haired girl and trying to impress her by becoming a winner. There is also another side story about Snoopy and Woodstock chasing the red baron. I think part of the reason I really loved this is because I kinda relate to Charlie Brown. I have Aspergers and like Charlie Brown, I have had a hard time fitting in or really talking to people so I really liked how you saw him try to overcome his previous failings to become a winner. the animation is really well done. The characters have very pixar like bodies with the same facial look of the peanuts and the world looks great. The voice cast is great too and they all sound just like the characters. Its the best animated Peanuts product so far. The movie feels so comfortable and warm. Despite its slightly relaxed tone, It still feels like an advancing plot. Its hilarious too with the story with Snoopy and Woodstock being the best. Charlie’s story is still funny and heartwarming and the film even has quite the touching ending. Ultimately, the film does well at appealing to the older Peanuts fans as well as introducing them to kids. If this film were done by any other studio, it would be in live action and filled with dumb celebrity cameos, in jokes, product placement, and adult jokes that feel out of place but thankfully that is not the case. It manages to be a really heartwarming, funny, and clever homage to Charles Shultz and is not only the best film by Blue Sky Studios. It is also one of the best Peanuts movies and comes up close to my personal favorite Peanuts movie “Its the easter beagle,Charlie Brown”. I suppose I really can’t think of any bad Peanuts films though. There are ones that are not great but there really isn’t one that is awful. While I don’t think it will win an oscar (Inside out has it in the bag), It is the only american made film that could challenge it in any way and is one of the best animated films this year. You certainly are a good man, Charlie Brown.

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