Class of 3000 review


Hey guys, Its Criticalcanine21. I hope you guys had a great thanksgiving. In the meantime, I’m curious about how many people remember this show. This show was advertised a lot in the older days of cartoon network. Its big selling point was that Andre 3000 from Outkast was in the show. It was used a lot in the ads and seeing how bad it turned out for when M.C Hammer when he got an animated show, it looked like it should be feared. The ads beforehand made it seem awful  When I re saw it, I discovered that it really is bad. It may not be Hammerman bad but I really couldn’t find anything good about it.

The story is pretty basic and probably every kids dream. A world famous super star gets sick of fame and eventually teaches at his old school. Its a simple set up but it feels like something made from hip hop producers who don’t understand cartoons. The story feels like the most typical and boring of scenarios for a cartoon and doesn’t lead to many funny or unique stories. You can usually predict the ending after 5 minutes. Most of the comedy lacks enough misery to get a laugh and feels weak though there is the occasional joke that works. Its animation is not really good. There are some places where there should be more color but they use only one.It really isn’t as fast paced as something like Dexter’s Lab or as well written as Spongebob’s earlier years. The characters all feel too cliched as well but they aren’t interesting. From the minute you see them, you can spot their characteristic. We get the rich kid, the geek, the girl obsessed with fashion, the girl who is always happy and more. Even their teacher played by Andre 3000 feels too suave and rarely gets any character other than cool. I guess he was aiming for a Willy Wonka like thing where he is mysterious and suave but Wonka had the ideas of a child and the sort of look of a Bond villain. He seemed to have a real passion for his work. This Guy has a boring monotone and never is seen looking different outside of looking cool. Even the music feels forgettable. I think this show really is a show that feels kinda manipulative with the use of the celebrity (though he helped create it), the cliches,the music, and how the humor is. It feels like its trying to sell a moral or soundtrack more than a story, characters, or comedy.I suppose it isn’t god awful but it is a forgettable dud that I don’t see people talk about at all.


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