The Good Dinosaur Review

good dinosaur

Hey guys, its Criticalcanine21 here. Sorry about the delayed review, but I had surgery as well as school work. Im here now to discuss the newer Pixar film. When this film’s trailer came out, I thought it looked decent. The story of a boy and a dinosaur seemed very E.T like but could work as Pixar has done so many good films as well as films like Cars. The movie got decent reviews and I got kinda exited. Unfortunately, I have to say I really don’t like this film. I may be a minority on this ,but I’m sorry folks. This story just doesn’t work as well as stories like this do like E.T or Lilo And Stitch.

The story is starts with the meteor that struck the dinosaur missing earth. As years go by, the dinosaurs grow more like people and we see a dino family setting up a farm as well as giving birth to 3 kids. 2 of them are brave and normal but the other one named Arlo is shy and scared. His father tries to help him overcome his fears and one day while trying to stop a boy who ate their crops, his father dies in an accident during a flood. His family has to make up for this loss  but then he is separated from his family. He finds the boy and doesn’t get along with him , but they bond overtime and eventually become friends while trying to find their way home.

First, let me say that this film is bad for Pixar. I know its not awful and is decent compared to some other companies ( Blue Sky Studios),but its frustrating to think it came from Pixar especially after Inside Out. They have done so many great films like Up, the Toy Story films, The Incredibles, and most recently Inside Out but to think they would do something like this is frustrating.  The best part of it are the backgrounds. They look awesome and sometimes look so realistic. Unfortunately, not only is this the only real good thing about it but the designs don’t really go with it. The character designs seem goofy like something from Monsters Inc or Were Back A Dinosaur Story.  From the beginning, I could tell it was going to be stupid. When I saw the dinosaur’s planting crops, I said ugh. The film feels like a giant glob of cliches without thought of how they would come together well. The film has a western like feel with the crop planting, dinosaurs herding buffalo and voice acting along with the whole boy and his animal which in this case is a dino and his boy cause the cavemen act like dogs,the occasional Lion King rip off scenes like being visited by the vision of your father and him realizing he caused his dad’s death and finally stupid character designs. The film is also oddly harsh with scenes like the kid ripping off the head of a giant bug, pterodactyls violently eating a cute creatures, and talks of drowning in blood. It isn’t like other Disney films or even Don Bluth films where it is about a harsh world and has a story and characters that feel interesting. The world is often harsh but weird and hard to relate to with dino animal ranglers, dino farmers, bugs played like harmonicas and feels often too goofy almost like a dumbed down version of A Land Before Time. This is seen in the character Arlo who could be more interesting maybe if there was more of a reason he was scared of everything like a traumatic experience or was more relatable but he is just a coward. Even the boy seems like he is trying to be cute like a dog rather than have a character though the friendship between them is ok but could be better. It doesn’t feel like anything goes together and if it was just about the boy and the dinosaur as well as family it could have been better and more interesting. As is though, the film is a huge mess, sometimes feeling like a Pixar paint by numbers and while not being god awful is just strangely terrible. It may be the first Pixar film that could have been done by anyone.



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