Star Wars The Clone Wars movie review


Hi guys, its Criticalcanine21 here. Seeing how Star Wars is a monster right know with the new movie, I thought I would review their first animated movie which became a tv show. (which I may get to review one day) I grew up a massive Star Wars fan. I loved it all. I loved the other show that was on Cartoon Netowork at that time, I loved all the movies (even the Prequels),  and had a ton of action figures as well as played the games non stop. As I grew older, I grew more critical of things I once liked. I still love Star Wars, but I can’t argue against the flaws of the movies and will even admit I only really like Revenge Of The Sith of the Prequel films. When I heard of this movie, I said eh… It looked ok and like Jimmy Neutron, it tried to introduce itself by a movie for theaters before the show premiered. Unfortunately, the movie feels so useless and dull that it doesn’t seem to warrant a movie release. Watching it gave me a headache and I think next to Attack Of The Clones, it is one of the worst Star Wars movies.

I know most of you are wondering why I hate this more than Phantom Menace and I would respond with that I don’t hate it. I don’t even hate the Prequels. I will admit I don’t like them and I hate most of the things you all hate. (the romance, Jar Jar, midi-chlorians,etc.) But they have some good ideas at least as well as some good action. This movie felt so dull and useless and I felt by the end of it I learned the least from it. The plot is about Anakin and Obi -Wan as well as Anakin’s new padawan Ahsoka to return Jabba’s son so they can form a treaty with him as well as stop Count Dooku from killing the hutlett and blaming them for it. One problem with the movie is that the story feels like it would be better as an episode for the show than a movie. It only serves to reintroduce Assajj Ventress and introduce Ahsoka which is weird as Anakin is cocky and reckless and often calls her out for it. He is the one the council said had a cloudy future and believed was too old to be a jedi plus he has proved that he has anger issues as just being a cocky kid. He is literally the last jedi who should teach anyone anything. Anyway, the movie has some good voice acting including James Arnold Taylor doing well as Obi Wan and Nika Flutterman doing awesome as Assajj but the animation is something I have never been a fan of either here or in the show. The characters always looked like plastic dolls with clay hair. The movie is non stop fighting and it gets old real quick. After the 30 minute mark, I had a headache and the movie felt like it just started. The other focus is on Anakin and Ahsoka and I don’t think Ahsoka is a good character. She seems like nothing but a couple one liners and all her character flaws are flaws Anakin has. By the end, I didn’t buy their friendship and felt like they didn’t learn anything about one another. There is a scene where Ahsoka asks him about life on Tatooine and he just says I don’t wanna talk about it and thats it. They go no further with it. I just felt like if you cut this movie from the timeline, you wouldn’t have gained anything about the story or even anything new or interesting. I just felt it would have been better fitting as a straight to dvd movie. There is no point to release it to theaters. If you really love Star Wars and the show, you will love it. For me as a lifelong fan, I was just bored and tired. At least Episode 7 looks really good.



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