How The Grinch Stole Christmas review


Hey guys, Its Criticalcanine21 here with a late christmas reivew. I hope you all had a great christmas by the way. We all have a christmas special we hold dear to our hearts. Weather its A Christmas Story or Christmas Vacation, we all love a certain christmas special. While I love most of them, my favorite is the animated Grinch. I’m not talking about that awful Jim Carrey movie either. I had the book read to me as a kid and loved it. When I saw it on tv, I watched it every christmas for the rest of my life. Some of that is the writer. Dr Seuss is like Disney or Nintendo for books. He is so good most of the time and likely has a strangle hold on your childhood.

By now, We all know the story of the grinch. All the who’s down in Whoville liked christmas a lot, but the grinch who lived just north of Whoville did not.( ok I’ll stop now) One day he decides to team up with his dog Max and steal christmas from the who’s. Most of the special animated by animation legend Chuck Jones shows him cleverly stealing the christmas stuff of the who’s and its very entertaining. This is because of how much of a loveable grump the grinch is. Boris Karloff’s voice and the song fit it perfectly and he is so entertaining. While the special just shows him stealing christmas and being a jerk at first, this makes the end all the more touching. The who’s don’t even notice the fact that they have been robbed. They don’t care cause christmas is not about stuff. Its about being with those you love and care about. Its about giving not getting. The animation is gorgeous as well. It looks like a good mix of Dr Seuss’s drawings and Chuck Jones animation. It Manages to be colorful and bright as well as funny and quick. When the grinch steals christmas, it reminds me of a better version of what he did with Tom And Jerry. It has quick character reactions, fast motion, and yet still looks nice. My problem with his Tom And Jerry was they were too happy and the slapstick never made the pain feel as funny. It matches here though. It certainly is a holiday classic.


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