Star Wars The Force Awakens review

star wars force awakens

Hey guys, Its criticalcanine21 with a special review. I decided with the world obsessed with Star Wars right now, I would give my thoughts on the new film. The plot is about a robot who is given important information to help a rebellion against an empire lead by a masked villian. The robot ends up meeting up with a young person on a desert planet and ends up getting swept up in the war and discovers secrets about themselves. Does it sound familiar?

Without spoiling anything, Its very similar to A New Hope. While Episode 1 was kinda similar to it, you were more distracted because of what was going on and in this movie, its similar but different. You get wrapped up in the characters, the comedy, action, and effects. The film looks great too and the effects look great mostly. The new emperor looks pretty bad. I was really enjoying also seeing the old cast and their interactions with the new ones. Their interactions are funny and charming. It feels nostalgic in the best way. Their were even people cheering to see C3po which should tell you something. My one issue with it was I thought the villain kinda seemed like weak at the end. He has an interesting backstory so far, seemed intimidating yet still gets angry a lot, and is well acted but later without spoiling anything he seems like a wimp. For the most part, I’m interested in what will happen with these new movies and can’t wait for the new one. Even my issues with the villain aren’t major and it is the 1st one so maybe he will get more interesting like Vader did in Empire Strikes Back. I loved it from beginning to end. See you in the new year and may the force be with you.



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