Book Of Mormon review

book of mormon

Criticalcanine21 here with a special review. I have always been a fan of South Park,loved the soundtrack and have wanted to see the musical. Music done by the guys who would later do Frozen and its written by the South Park writers? I’m in. I got to see it for christmas and it didn’t disappoint.

When mormons reach a certain age, they are sent to other places to spread the word of god. A mormon named Elder Price is considered at the top of his game and is paired with Elder Cunningham who is the exact opposite. The pair is sent to Uganda where they feel more than out of their element and discover the africans even hate god. Together they plan to help the other mormons to bring the people to the mormon religion. To go any further would spoil some funny moments in the show.

I should mention that I have no idea how accurate this is to the mormon religion but mormons seem to like it. The show’s music is extremely catchy and will remain in your head for a while. It is also really funny. One thing that separates Matt Stone and Trey Parker Apart from others who try shock humor is that they do it best. They never seem like they are trying to offend anyone and they do such a good job at showing us sort of a mirror. They seem like they are trying to let you see something as they see it whether its good or bad and this show is no different. While it does make fun of the weird stuff of their religion, It has a message that is actually quite interesting at the end. It reminds me of their episode on the mormon religion on South Park. Its a similar message but is still a great one. it has a cartoony feel and while some could be offended by the stereotypical portrayal of the africans, I didn’t see it as different from how they portray other races in the show. I also found the characters were really interesting. I liked seeing how Elder Price wanted to kind of break the rules and even seeming selfish. Elder Cunningham is kind of the traditional screw up but he is funny. On top of that, you like seeing how the characters change and grow up though the show. I could talk about it more but honestly I think it would be giving away too much. It is a great comedy and a great musical.


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