Norm Of The North review

norm of the north

Its Criticalcanine21 here with a question. Have you ever wondered what it takes to get a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes? Norm Of The North has answered this question. As part of my new years resolution, I promised to see all animated films out in theaters this year. I knew this movie would be awful based on the trailers and it was.

Norm is a polar bear who can speak to humans despite the fact that the animals speak english and we don’t hear them speak like animals. Norm discovers that an evil millionaire is planning to build condos in the arctic because the dangerous animals and cold are great. Using his ability to speak to people and twerking (yes really), he and his lemmings (who are the dollar store version of Despicable me minions) go to stop him. Somehow they end up working for him and he works with one of the villain’s employee’s and kid to seem to help him at first and then speak out against him.

After the beginning, I predicted every plot point in the movie. The love interest is only there to make the main character seem more awkward and charming because he doesn’t have the charm to seem like so. The story makes no sense. It even rips off elements of so many films. We have the scene where he is made fun of and called a loser, a scene where no one except the girlfriend believe him, the fish out of water jokes, and all in New York City which seems to be where everyone goes to in movies. (Smurfs Enchanted Fat Albert) All of this with nothing but jokes involving farts, burps, a scene where the lemmings pee in a fish tank, and even gay jokes that don’t belong in a film like this. Movies like this really piss me off because it doesn’t care about being good and is focused on pandering to them without any care about kids at all. It feels like it was written in a studio. It also feels more insulting to kids. The jokes are to offensive and dumb for kids and too childish for adults. The animation isn’t very impressive and seems like a better fit for a dvd. Its all together an annoying experience with the annoying lemmings and Rob Schneider who is annoying in everything he does but not as much in this though still annoying. If this film was a straight to dvd movie, It would be ignored and forgotten. As is, It is an awful film that shouldn’t be seen by anyone for any reason whatsoever. It may not be the worst movie I have ever seen but it may be in the top 15.




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