Deadpool Movie Review


Its Criticalcanine21 here. Sorry about a lack of reviews lately. I have been trying to get things ready for school. I have plenty of reviews coming including reviews of all Kung Fu Panda films. In the meantime here is Deadpool.

Many of you probably know who Deadpool is but the story is actually quite sad. Wade Wilson is a mercenary in New York who meets a girl named Vanessa and they fall in love. Things seem great until it is discovered that Wade has terminal cancer and soon is told by someone that they can help give him a cure if he participates in their experiment. He leaves his girlfriend and participates in the experiment. This experiment gives him a super human healing factor at the cost of his looks and he plans to get revenge on the guy who did it.

If you know who Deadpool is and know what he is like from the comics, then you will know what to expect here. There are 4th wall jokes, gore, nudity, and more. The plot is ok but the focus is on the characters and humor. It also has a surprisingly great romance. Wade and Vanessa’s romance is quirky and funny but also kinda touching. You really like both of them. The X men cameos are also kinda cool and they are good characters too. To be honest, There isn’t much to say about this movie. If you like Deadpool, You will love this. If you hate him, I would avoid this.




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