Beauty And The Beast Review

beauty animated

Hey guys, Criticalcanine21 here with my 1st review in a while. Sorry I have abandoned this, but I had schoolwork and I completely forgot. I will try to make reviews when I can with my goal at least to be one review a week while sticking to animated movies and tv shows.

With the review of the remake coming tomorrow, I thought I would post a review of the original movie. Like many of you, I grew up with this movie and loved it. After years and even meeting one of the animators who worked on this film, I can say this is my favorite movie at this time. This movie is one of the best disney movies ever made in my opinion. It was even nominated for best picture in 1991.

The story is simple. A selfish prince was cursed by an enchantress to be turned into a beast along with his servants but can only be turned back by falling in love and having someone fall in love in return. Years later, a bookworm named Belle who is seen as an outcast ends up at his castle after her father is captured by the beast. She agrees to be his prisoner to free her father. Meanwhile, The handsome town hero Gaston is plotting to do whatever it takes to marry her even after he is rejected by her. However, The Beast and Belle begin to fall in love with Gaston trying to have The Beast killed

The animation is spectacular. It is the first film to be animated on a computer with some cgi used in parts. (most notably in the infamous dance scene) It is beautiful with lovely colors and backgrounds (especially the castle) and great designs (including the beast). The cgi doesn’t hold up the best but it still makes the movie seem grand. I also love how Disney manages to do romantic and comedic animation well. It never seems out of place when either one comes in cause its done so well that they fit together naturally. The story is simple but is great. The villain is actually a very realistic villain as in most movies he would be the hero to learn his lesson and get the girl. However, he doesn’t change and goes to such crazy extremes to get what he wants which makes him seem ugly despite his appearance while The Beast who seems ugly and selfish learns to be kind and compassionate. The side characters are also a lot of fun with Lumiere and Cogsworth having good comedic chemistry and the father and Lefou being charming in their own ways. ┬áThe best character in the movie is Belle. While you could argue she is too perfect, she is still interesting. She is beautiful but would rather read then flaunt her beauty or fall for any random guy. She is kind but has her limits and also does her own thing despite the town mocking her which is something to be admired. Its also neat that she is looking for adventure and even something grand in her life which is more deep than wanting love or feet. The music by Alan Menken is still catchy and will remain in your head for years. Be Our Guest, Belle, and Beauty And The Beast are so catchy, you will be humming them in your sleep. The romance between the 2 main characters is so well done. Unlike most Disney films, they have to take time to fall in love as opposed to the usual day to a week most couples take to get married. The movie never tells you how long Belle has been there so you can assume she has been there for weeks, days, months, etc. The movie also has fun being a fairy tale. While most people have their favorite Disney films, this one is my favorites. I have seen it a million times and will probably see it a million more




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