Beauty And The Beast Remake Review

batb remake

Hey guys, Its Criticalcanine21 here with a review of Disney’s new remake. As most of you know, The original is my favorite movie so far. When I heard of this movie, I was nervous but wanted it to be good. I did not like any of the remakes Disney has done so far, so I was nervous this would suck. Now that I have seen it, I can say it is exactly what I feared it would be. Despite everything, It feels like the original movie without the charm or passion.

The films biggest issue is that doesn’t change much and what it changes doesn’t add anything or makes it worse. So many lines and scenes are taken from the original and it seems annoying. When it happens its distracting and makes it hard to look at it as its own thing. Not that its a good film on its own.  The film actually comes across smug and arrogant. The original was nominated for best picture and has been loved by all for its story, songs, animation, and characters. But it feels like they all thought they could do it so much better in live action but nothing is better. If you are just doing the same movie again but in live action, what is the point of it? The original was perfect so the smug feel is at times insulting.


The castle looks cool but the cgi on the servants looks creepy especially the wardrobe who has no eyes. The Beast also looks bad too and it looks like he and Belle don’t live in the same space. The new songs are kind of forgettable. Emma Watson is not a very good singer and while that could be excused if she was better in the role, she isn’t. She sounds and looks disinterested and doesn’t have any energy or passion. The movie doesn’t get what makes Belle interesting. In the original, Belle and The Beast were the only people who wore blue which made them stick out but here a lot of villagers wear blue which means she doesn’t stick out as much.This would be ok if she seemed interesting but she doesn’t have any energy in her acting mostly. When The Beast lets Belle go in the original, Its like he is going through 5 emotions in the animation alone but here he just says go to him. Many scenes are like this and it feels like paint by numbers. No one is doing anything cause they want or have to do it, they do it cause the original did it.  Ewan Mcgregor’s accent is terrible and distracting as hell. Gaston seems way too nice at the beginning and only becomes the villain till the end of the Gaston song. Lefou’s gayness was supposed to be a big deal but aside from a couple moments it’s mostly pointless. They also try to give him a redemption arc which seems unneeded but Josh Gad and Luke Evans still have more chemistry than Belle and The Beast. I like the idea of them bonding by a love of reading but between her disinterested performance and The Beast’s ugly cgi, they have no chemistry.  Belle’s father is the only character who benefits from the change. His first scene with Belle is amazing with great visual storytelling. He goes from a kook to a protective father.  Belle and The Beast also get backstory about their parents but it adds nothing. Belle transports to her old house by a magic book with The Beast but it adds a plot hole since she doesn’t use it to save her dad when he is about to be sent to the insane asylum. The actress playing the wardrobe is the best singer but she barely sings and has a character trait of falling asleep which is annoying.

Between the unneeded changes, bad cgi, terrible script, and mostly bad or obnoxious singing, I hated this movie. It is a smug, badly written retread of the original that adds nothing. All the things that gave the original character feels gone and makes this film charmless and boring. I think its the worst remake Disney has done so far. If you like it, thats fine but I hate it.


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