Ferngully The Last Rainforest Review


Hey guys, Its Criticalcanine21. How many of you have seen a film with an environmental message? If you have seen one, how many have worked? Some subtle environmental messages include the book of The Lorax, Sonic Sat Am, and Avatar: The Last Airbender. All the other ones I have seen have come across as annoying and preachy despite a well meant message. This film is no different.

This film is about a group of faries who once lived peacefully with humans until a toxic monster named Hexus who feeds on pollution destroyed the rainforest. The 2 were separated forever and Hexus was released by lumberjacks. Hexus plots to get revenge while one fairy shrinks a human and teaches him a lesson about saving the rainforest.

This film was a tough one to get through. It’s biggest problem is that its so focused on the message than the character or story. The story is just a lazy way to tell a message while most characters are bland and forgettable. Its a shame too cause some nice voice talent is in this. The main character’s dad is played by the Sultan from Aladdin and he doesn’t bring anything to the role. Robin Williams plays one of his most annoying roles. We even get to see a rap by him. (I’m serious its painful) The boy who is shrunk is really annoying. He feels like every bad 90’s arm candy cliche. He surfs on leafs, uses words like sweet and bodacious, and listens to generic 90’s music on his walkman. It feels so awkward and painful. Tim Curry is the only character who is entertaining. He is one of those actors who is constantly entertaining even when the movie or role is awful. His over the top singing and voice acting is so fun and it seems like he is having a blast. (probably cause he is the only one enjoying himself) ¬†The animation is very pretty and get some lovely shots but can’t save a dated story you have heard a million times. Its every man hating movie that loves nature without telling you how to save the rainforest. It doesn’t seem worth saving either since the fairies can repair it easily. It feels like Dances With Wolfs, Pocahontas, Avatar¬†boiled down to their most annoying. If you have any other ideas of animated shows or films or films relating to that you think I should watch let me know.


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