Fantasia Review


Hey guys, its Criticalcanine21 here. Fantasia is an interesting film. Its Disney’s 3rd film and just like the other 2 films, it focuses on emotion rather than logic. It is animation set to classical music. When it comes to Disney films, its the most experimental film but how does it hold up?

The 1st segment is Bach’s Toccata And Fugue In D Minor using abstract animation to portray dreamlike imagery. Its like its meant to depict what your mind is seeing. The others use pieces like the Rite Of Spring, Ave Maria and even the Nutcracker Suite to depict things like the birth of earth and dinosaurs, greek gods, and more. The most famous segments are The Sorcerer’s apprentice with Mickey which is used all the time in advertising and made it in the sequel as well as got a movie with the same name and the other is Night On Bald Mountian with Ave Maria which is also getting its own movie. (Ugh to both movies)

It is the most experimental of Disney’s films. There are scenes like having characters topless, scary imagery at the end, and even some violence with the dinosaur bit. It never goes too graphic though. Its about as scary and intense as Pinocchio and Snow White. I would argue its also the best of their films. Its music is beautiful and the animation fits it perfectly. The animation is worth it alone. The best segment is Night On Bald Mountain. I love the creepy imagery, the presence of the devil, the atmosphere, and its combo with Ave Maria is perfect. It gives you all the creepy but at the end a feeling of joy and hope. It is a powerful interesting film. Despite this, I found it boring at times. Maybe its my age or the fact I’m not as big of a fan of classical music but I was bored at parts. Its like its so good its bad. I know its amazing but I don’t love it. If you love animation and classical music, you will love this. Its like being at an art show. I think the segments alone are amazing but all together it drags for me. Maybe I will love it when I’m older but for now I can say I’m glad I saw it.

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