Fantasia 2000 Review


Hey, Its Criticalcanine21 with my thoughts on Fantasia 2000. Originally Disney wanted Fantasia to continue but the 1st didn’t do that well so the idea was scrapped. Years later, it picked up in popularity and they decided to make a sequel. This usually never works out well to make a sequel years later to a big movie but how is this one?

The animation is just as stunning as before with some newer styles being used as well as cgi. Bethoven’s 5th symphony is the beginning that tries to be like the beginning to the original with abstract imagery to the music. It doesn’t match the music as well cause they try to give it a story that doesn’t fit the music and if it has a story, it doesn’t feel as abstract. The flying whales is beautiful. The cgi makes the whales seem gigantic and the music fits well. Rapsody In Blue uses a Hirschfield style which looks great and also fits the music well for the most part. The Tin soldier is good with great animation, music, and a famous story by the writer of The Little Mermaid book. (it doesn’t end happy in the original) The Flamingo with a yo-yo seems out of place in a Fantasia movie. Its cute but it seems better for a Disney channel short than a sequel to Fantasia. Even James Earl Jones seems to think its dumb. Donald’s ark is cute but the music makes me think of graduation and because of that its a bit distracting. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is replayed and its as good as before. The Firebird is a great ending with gorgeous cgi animation mixed with some lovely hand drawn animation. It fits the music well and is a nice finale. Its biggest issue is the cameos. Hearing Bette Midler address Salvador Dali as “the limp watches guy” is painful. James Earl Jones seems to indicate the flamingo with a yoyo segment is dumb. There is a comedic bit after Sorcerer’s Apprentice and before Donald’s Ark which seems only there to pad time. Steve Martin is at his most unfunny here. Penn and Teller are annoying as well and seem out of place too. Angela Landsberry brings some class to it though. The movie’s biggest issue is it feels like its talking down to kids. The original may not have been the most for kids, but it has a weight and dignity to it. This one has it in some places but when you see Steve Martin bomb at comedy after the 1st segment, you will feel what I mean. There is no real bad segment and even those that aren’t the best, are just not the best for a Fantasia movie. The only bombs are the cameos. I didn’t like it as much as the 1st but I liked it ok. It also feels shorter too which isn’t bad as I thought parts of the original dragged at times but maybe its my age so its possible I will love the original a lot more in time. If you love animation, Its worth seeing as there are some spectacular moments in it. Just fast forward after each segment.

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