Foodfight Review


Hey guys, Criticalcanine21 here. This film is said by many to be the worst animated film ever. I was hoping it would be funny bad. I can safely say I was horribly wrong.

The movie is about a detective of a supermarket world whose girlfriend is kidnapped. 6 months later, a new product named Brand X comes in with its icon being Lady X. The Detective tries to solve this mystery and save everyone before they are rubbed out.

The film has a history where apparently the animation was stolen. Even taking that into consideration, it looks awful . The backgrounds look like puke, the motion capture makes the characters unable to be as expressive as an animated character should so they feel too stiff and clunky, the city looks like every city in any animated movie, and character models are shockingly ugly. Most of the characters are unfunny stereotypes. It just feels like they found the most obnoxious and arguably offensive stereotypes you can think of. The story is dumb, makes no sense, and is pretty predictable. Even how the world works makes no sense. They say they can’t let people see them in the market but to get to the city, they break by a package in the freezer section. One of the humans somehow enters the city but based on the movie’s rules, it makes no sense. Apparently the original animation was going to be more like looney tunes. While that would have been more fitting, it still would have been bad looking. Its also an hour and 30 minutes but it goes by so slow. There are so many parts where it should end but keeps going. The voice cast seems tired and don’t seem like they are trying half the time. I think its the worst animated film I have seen so far but not the worst film I have seen. What makes it so insulting is that its meant for kids. Kids need good entertainment cause thats when they are the most developed and you can teach them or at least be entertaining. The thought that someone threw something like this out for kids cause they thought kids are stupid is insulting to me. The constant ads are another thing I hate. I get thats the idea, but when I see ads like this in a film I feel manipulated which is something I can’t stand. It’s one of the worst films I have seen.

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