American Dad Review

american dad

Hey Guys, Criticalcanine21 here with my 1st show review in a while. Sorry its a bit late, I had school things. This show is the 2nd show of Seth Macfarlane and was made while Family Guy was in its prime.  After everything, Is this show any good?

The show is about a family in Virginia and their wacky adventures with a dimwitted dad who doesn’t understand, a rebelious daughter, a nerdy son, and a supportive wife. If that plot sounds like so many shows to you, then you just discovered one of the shows biggest issues. This plot is so typical and most of these characters are so recycled but they are not awful and can have some funny moments.The few things that are different from this formula work well. Stan is a decent character and its unique to see a character who is a jerk and a know it all despite not knowing much. It makes him stand out from these typical characters. Klaus is also an ok character and some of the side characters are ok but the best character is Roger. His voice, the delivery, and his character are unique and he is so pathetic while also being so nasty at the same time. The show has a rather mean spirited tone which sometimes can work out well like when Roger has to be nasty to stay alive but there are often moments later in the season where it feels like its too mean like when Stan sends his wife to the insane asylum to hopefully get her to forget that he forgot their anniversary. I also like the fact that the main character works at the CIA which is funny and makes some solutions to issues so crazy its funny like one episode where he uses their technology to make his family think their on vacation while he sits at home watching T.V. I enjoy his boss as well played by Patrick Stewart who at times seems both crazy smart and crazy insane. The animation is colorful and has some good moments but nothing makes it stand out that much. Characters have what feels like only so many expressions and it feels kinda limiting. The show also suffers from the same issue that Family Guy suffers from now. It feels like its trying way to hard to shock and feels way to nasty most of the time now. Seth Macfarlane’s biggest issue is that most of the time his works always are about crazy assholes in a mean and crazy world and it feels too nasty, feels too uneven which makes it seem like its trying too hard to shock, and makes the morals often not relatable as well. South Park has a mean spirited world as well but their running joke is often putting logic in a world of madness which is more relatable and funnier. Altogether, the shows 1st few seasons are decent though recycled. Its not as good as Family Guy was though even now its not as bad as Family Guy is. At its best, its a decent though recycled show which has a few unique and fun moments that give it character. At worst, its a dull, mean spirited mess which feels like every animated adult show ever. Kind of complicated, but I like it when its good. If you like Family Guy, check it out. Just stop watching around Season 7.

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