South Park Review


Hey guys, Criticalcanine21 here with an animated review of one of my favorite shows. I have always believed this show was probably the best adult cartoon and I still believe that. I have taken a lot of comedic influences from it.

The show is seemingly just the misadventures of 4 kids in a small town but crazy things happen there. It does well at being deceptively simple in all meanings. They reuse the same voice actors and the animation is the cheapest in the world. (though is very charming expressive and creative) It works well though cause it has charm. The kids are all likable and act like real kids. They cuss, they know too much, they act like friends including picking on each other, they’re mischievous, but relatable in a lot of ways cause we were all those things when we were younger. The rest of the characters are likable too and the voice acting is actually pretty good too. I like how the show evolved as it grew older. Shows like The Simpsons lose that spark by not being loyal to their characters and feeling like it doesn’t know what to do with them. These shows feel tired, lazy, and dull cause they are almost afraid to try something new. South Park manages to use recent events to help with its stories while also writing newer stories. It also tried a continuing story and while it failed due to crappy endings, it was different and at least a neat experiment. I like how it uses modern events to write its shows and does it well so it doesn’t feel dated. They make fun of Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s with a clever moral about trying to grow up way to soon for example. The show is also a clever set up in that the show is about putting logic into a world of madness which is something we can relate to. Seth Macfarlane has a world of madness too but the people are all crazy so it doesn’t balance out which makes it feel more desperate to shock. This show feels more natural and it also shocks sometimes due to shocking morals that are done well and are honestly right. I still believe every election is between a douche and a turd. This show sticks around because its awesome. It is simple but hilarious as well as thought provoking. It teaches you without you knowing as most good teaching should do. I love this show.


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