Spider-Man The Animated Series Review


Hey guys, Criticalcanine21 here with a review. Sorry about the lack of a review but I have had work and Wifi Issues. Spider-man is one of the most popular heroes in Marvel comic history. He has had many cartoon and film adaptations of him. With the new movie out, how does one of his most well regarded adaptations hold up?

The Series is about Peter Parker who is bitten by a radioactive spider and becomes a hero. It does what you would expect from a show about Spiderman with one liners, fights with his infamous rouges gallery, and struggling to balance his regular life and his hero life. It really doesn’t hold up well and feels like a mess. The animation feels dated. It just looks like something out of the 80’s. Backgrounds are dull and the characters look like something out of a ninja turtles cartoon. The exception is for the CGI animated scenes which look awkward now. This was pretty popular with shows and cartoons who used this with traditional animation to look big and impressive. Disney has used this before with films like Beauty And The Beast and most of the time they look out of place. It looks like the 2 things don’t belong together. The voice acting feels very 60’s but not in a fun way. Spider man never shuts up and talks all the time. It gets really annoying and his one liners just suck. Everyone acts too cheesey. No one is that funny or even dramatically interesting. Something like the Ninja Turtles was hokey too but had its own charm at least and was far funnier. I can’t recall a single laugh or a single scene where I felt what a character was saying was believable. I could see them in the recording studio and not as a character. The plots are predictable as well as being badly written. There is an episode where The Lizard appears and when Peter hears of it and believes it could be his old teacher, he doesn’t put it together that its him. He even recalls him experimenting with lizard dna to regrow limbs and I just kept shouting “Come on, Its not hard to figure out who he is”. His plot is stupid too. He tells his wife he is gonna start a new race of lizard people who can regrow limbs like lizards I guess but it makes no sense why this is his plan now. When he changes back, he doesn’t go through with it. Why? Did the lizard dna alter his brain or does he have a Jekyll and Hyde thing? Even the action scenes are bad. Most anime and even Batman The Animated Series make the fights impressive looking and you can feel the pain which sucks you in and makes it real. The actions feel weightless so when a character is hit, you don’t feel it. Its also dull to look at with not much impressive going on. I love Spider man but this show is terrible. I can’t say Its the worst super hero cartoon or even one of the worst ever but its just dated and clumsy. If you like it then like it, Its just not for me.

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