Animaniacs Review


Hey guys, Criticalcanine21 here. Back in the 90’s, The Looney Tunes were struggling. Their live action movie Space Jam was a finanical success but was slammed by critics and it really doesn’t hold up well as it feels like a poorly written commercial with The Looney Tunes not allowed to be funny. Their cartoons had stopped airing and popular spin-offs were being developed which mostly were not well received. With these characters struggling to find footing in the modern world, Animaniacs and Tiny Toon Adventures managed to be the Looney Tunes products we always wanted. Animaniacs was the most well received but what makes this show so well loved?

Just like Looney Tunes, Animaniacs is a bunch of stories of a variety of characters. The Warner Brothers (and sister) break out of their tower to cause mischief and annoy people. Pinky and the Brain try to take over the earth, Slappy Squirrel is a grouchy old former cartoon star who still uses her skills to take down her enemies, and there are plenty more. Every character is memorable, very funny, outstandingly voice acted, and feel right at home with the Looney Tunes. They are so timeless that they could fit in any time period and not be out of place just like the Looney Tunes. The jokes cover a wide range range from funny slapstick adult like jokes and innuendoes. What makes the adult jokes work here is that they are clever to go over your head when you hear them but also funny. Shows like this, Looney Tunes, and even Spongebob use these jokes but they manage to be funny and help the show appeal to adults and kids. Other kid shows and movies have jokes like these too but they are usually such awful jokes that make it feel like it is trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator. They typically make it feel too adult for parents to allow kids to watch and too childish for adults but this show has a good balance. The songs are suprisingly catchy as well as informative. This show will make sure you wont forget state capitals ever again. The same guy also did the music for shows like Tazmania and Freakazoid so if you feel it is similar to those shows music wise, than your right. I also love the animation here. Characters look just like modern Looney Tunes, backgrounds look very colorful and exiting, and the slapstick emphasizes the pain by great sound effects and giving all characters the right amount of stretchiness. I always thought Tiny Tunes had awkward slapstick sometimes cause the characters were too stretchy but here they feel stretchy but still it knows how to make them look more solid for the pain. Sometimes they can be too stretchy but its very rare. Sometimes the shots can be so great in the level of detail for the parodies they do. In one episode, The Warner’s go on the set of a show called Acquaintances (Its so obviously Friends) and they capture the look of the coffee house, apartment, and even the personalities and look of the characters from Friends mostly very well. To be honest, I don’t have many problems with it. Even some of the dated 90’s references are still funny and while it dates the show a little, it still feels funny and most of the time they are usually referencing things that are still popular now. If you love cartoons, See It if you haven’t already.

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